10 CCTV Facts

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACCTV security cameras seem to be everywhere from businesses to residential homes, and with good reason as they can not only deter potential attacks, but can catch the perpetrator on video.

Here are ten CCTV facts you may not have been aware of.

1) Approx 25 million CCTV cameras are operating around the world.

2) Almost all bank cash machines use CCTV cameras.

3) The UK has the highest number of CCTV cameras per head per population, about one camera per 14 people. In total the UK has 4 million CCTV cameras, which is 20% of the World’s total CCTV camera installations.

4) It is believed that in the next five years the use of CCTV cameras will increase 10 times in UK.

5) Some places in the UK have installed CCTV where the operator can talk to the people they monitor by deterring wrong doing or assisting when needed.

6) Harrods in London has over 500 CCTV cameras installed!

7) Experts believe that as much as 67% of burglaries could be prevented if people had security cameras in their own homes.

8) London tube network is covered by as many as 11,000 cameras!

9) The first CCTV camera was installed in Germany for observing the launch of V2 rocket at Test Stand VII. Walter Bruch, a German engineer was responsible for the entire installation and design of this system.

10) According to a research, the average citizen is caught about 300 times a day on a CCTV camera.

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