5 Reasons to update to HD CCTV

If you were wondering if it’s worth it to update your existing CCTV network to a High Definition one, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why you should.

1) HD CCTV can be more cost effective.

You may be able to replace several cameras with HD ones, as the quality of the picture is better and can therefore record at different ranges. There is also no additional training involved as you don’t need to configure any networks, you just plug it in and it works.

2) Easy installation.

Swapping your current CCTV system to HD is simple as all your existing cables can be used avoiding costly and time consuming changes to the cabling infrastructure.

3) Smooth running video.

There is no latency (shaky skipping video) as the video feed travels on its own with no compression delivering a better video quality, sometimes up to 20x clearer.

4) Remote access.

You can log in securely not only on a computer, but on a tablet or mobile phone, allowing you to view and manage your feed remotely wherever you are.

5) High Definition.

It’s in the name, your video quality will be in high definition, similar to your tv capturing a video resolution of 1080p. Clear crips video and pictures means more detail is caught on your HD CCTV system which could be crucial if something happens on your premise.


Flarepath in Doncaster can help set up a new HD CCTV system that will suit your home or business needs. Contact us for a quote or more information.

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