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HD CCTV for your business

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CCTV is often necessary for your company to deter criminals and catch any unwanted activity that may happen.

Replacing standard CCTV systems with high definition ones helps see details that may not have shown up on standard systems such as facial details or logos on clothing. You get a clearer picture to work with meaning you have a higher chance to identifying criminals or identifying small movements from customers or staff.

Having an HD security system for your business to deter crime seems standard, but your systems can be much more beneficial than that. Along with the benefit of deterring vandals and criminals, you can also monitor your staff and customers. Monitoring your staff can be an effective management tool, improving staff productivity and theft that may be occurring from employees. Having your premise constantly monitored means that you will catch everything that happens as well, helping the prevention of false insurance claims, and also ensuring health and safety regulations are enforced.

Systems can be fitted in shops, warehouses, carparks or wherever you feel your business could use some extra monitoring. We install and manage systems in Doncaster and the surrounding area, and the cost to install HD CCTV can be less than you think, so contact us today.

To get a quote to install CCTV for your business, or to upgrade an existing one to HD, call on 01302 400215.

HD CCTV monitoring

securitycameraYour safety and security is important, and so is your peace of mind. With an HD CCTV security system in place and monitored by Flarepath Doncaster, you can be rest assured that if anything happens it will be taken care of swiftly and efficiently.

Many home insurance companies offer a discount if you have a system in place, meaning you can transfer those savings into the cost for the installation and maintenance of a security system to protect your home and your loved ones. Often just the presence of a security system in clear view is enough to deter criminals, meaning your home will be less of a target for thieves and vandals.

We offer systems that have high definition recording and remote monitoring, meaning if you want to check in on your home, you can do so wherever you are with internet access. If you are in Doncaster or any of th

To discuss your home security requirements, give us a call on 01302 400215.

HD CCTV on the move

cctvremoteMost of us have probably been in a situation where we felt our home may not be secure while we are away. With new technology, many HD CCTV systems can alert your smart phone, computer or tablet if something happens at your home, wherever you may be.

You can receive alerts or pictures straight away if something sets off your alarm system so that you can deal with the situation quickly. Many systems even allow you to access the CCTV cameras through your smartphones or the internet so that you can see in real time what exactly is happening in your home whenever you check in.

We provide homes and businesses in Doncaster and the surrounding area with CCTV that suits their needs and budgets.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can best protect your home.

Five Uses for your HD CCTV System

domeMost popularly, CCTV is used as a security measure, but it can be used for more than just monitoring your home or business from burglars. As many companies and homes are seeing the benefits of switching to HD CCTV, some of the other things that these systems help capture include :

  • Theft from Employees – not all theft occurs from outside sources, placing a security system facing your tills and around your shop will also keep tabs on your employees and deter theft from within your company.
  • Preventing Crime – often times the presence of security cameras is enough to deter thieves or vandals from striking.
  • Protecting Staff – recording incidents can help protect staff against false accusations that may come from clients, customers or even colleagues. Monitoring your workplace can also protect them against violence from customers as well.
  • Spotting Accidents – if someone falls over or slips and you catch it on the CCTV system, you can offer assistance straight away, and also have the situation documented for legal reasons.
  • Monitoring people inside a home – security cameras placed inside yours or a loved ones home, can help you ensure those people are safe. For example if you have an elderly relative living on their own, checking up on them via HD CCTV can ensure you catch anything that might be wrong and take action quickly

Here at Flarepath we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the security system that is right for your home or business needs in Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today to update or install your new HD CCTV system.

Update your old CCTV to HD CCTV

alienMegaHeroheaderIf you have an existing CCTV system in place, it’s easier to update to the new HD CCTV systems than you may think. There is no need to lay down new cables, it’s simply a matter of replacing the old camera and recorder to your new high definition ones.

Upgrading to HD gives you a much clearer recording than CCTV systems of the past. They capture moving objects quickly and without lag, and offer crystal clear quality so you can see much more detail than before.

We upgrade and install HD CCTV systems all over Doncaster, so contact us to upgrade or get your system today.


Security Camera Systems, Doncaster

Security camera systems in Doncaster provide a very powerful form of privacy and security control; deterring potential thieves or providing commercial properties with a useful tool to help with potential cases of theft or vandalism.

Located in Doncaster, Flarepath have the experience and tools needed to quickly install, repair or upgrade an existing security system. We are also available to provide advice on what systems would suit your needs or what features might give you the flexibility you want.

Some of the latest advances in CCTV hardware allow you to catch perpetrators that otherwise thought themselves rather sneaky with, for instance, an easily concealed camera. Or even modern colour cameras with 360-degree vision that can keep a careful watch on a large section of your property or business.

Hardware is not the only part of the CCTV industry to have improved, the software and features that are now available can give anyone a great sense of comfort and ease; Instead of having to manually check through hours of footage, special software suites can trigger checkpoints on specific criteria such as doors opening or movement, allowing you to quickly run through particular events. You can also opt to have software that sends out email or SMS alerts or even provide remote access from your phone, letting you keep an eye on things even when you’re not present.

Whatever your CCTV system needs for your Doncaster properties, Flarepath can help.
For some quick, expert advice, just give us a call or e-mail and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Security Cameras Doncaster

It’s no longer necessary to have cables running around the interior and exterior walls when you have CCTV installed. Flarepath have been providing discreet and tidy wireless CCTV in Doncaster for many years. The technology is now very reliable.
As well as being a wireless installation, CCTV systems can now be accessed remotely via smart phones and on the internet.
Imagine the peace of mind you would have, if you could check on your home or business at times when you were not able to be there in person. The latest CCTV systems can even be set to send alerts when unusual events happen on screen, so that constant personal monitoring is not required. A simple SMS or email message can tell you when to check the system.

CCTV Cameras, Doncaster

Doncaster Council has a number of CCTV cameras in the Borough, which are used to view and monitor activity in public spaces.

The schemes purpose is as follows:

  • To prevent criminal activity within the borough of Doncaster.
  • To work in partnership with the Police in providing a quick response to criminal and anti social activity.
  • To provide evidence to assist in the detection and prosecution of perpetrators of criminal activity.
  • To promote an environment that is safe for all members of society who live, work or visit the borough.
  • To promote and facilitate an active partnership in the discouragement of crime, between the police, the Council, the business community and the residents and visitors to the area.
  • To assist in traffic management and enforcement.
  • To provide assistance in the event of a civil emergency or disaster.
  • The scheme is not to be used to invade the privacy of any individual in residential, business, or other private premises, buildings or land.
  • We have made every effort in the planning and design of the CCTV system to give it maximum effectiveness.
  • The scheme makes specific arrangements for the provision of recordings for evidential purposes to the police.
  • In-house security of all Council Buildings also falls within the remit of the CCTV Department