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Security System Needs

security-camera-1316862-639x852When deciding to add CCTV or HD CCTV security systems to your home or small business, you need to think about a few of your options and what is best for your needs and premises.

High Definition or normal CCTV?

Although HD CCTV is relatively new to the market, there are some great affordable systems to get that extra resolution and performance compared to normal CCTV systems. It is ultimately your choice however whether you feel you need the added benefits, and we can help determine which system will be right for you.

Do you want only inside cameras, or outside ones as well?

Inside cameras tend to be cheaper because they don’t need to be weather proof like their outdoor counterparts. You also want to think about whether you would want an outdoor camera to be in view to deter burglars or someplace hidden for discreet monitoring. You will also need to think about how many you want, which will depend upon the areas you want monitored and if more than one camera is needed to do the job.

Motion detection or 24/7 coverage?

Systems are set up differently and can either record constantly, or some can be set to only record when motion is detected. CCTV that is set to record all the time will need a lot more memory to store the footage, but sometimes motion detection software may not pick up on everything, so it will depend on how often you need your space monitored. You can free up storage by reviewing tapes and discarding the data every once in a while as well.

Do you want instant remote access?

Many security cameras on the market now are able to be accessed remotely by a device connected to the internet such as mobile phones, computers or tablets. Along with remote monitoring, some systems allow you to change settings and control the cameras remotely as well, such as change the position, zoom etc which can be helpful.


We can help discuss your home or small business security needs and design and install a complete system that will be exactly right for you. Contact us today for a quote and to discuss your new security system. 

HD CCTV on the move

cctvremoteMost of us have probably been in a situation where we felt our home may not be secure while we are away. With new technology, many HD CCTV systems can alert your smart phone, computer or tablet if something happens at your home, wherever you may be.

You can receive alerts or pictures straight away if something sets off your alarm system so that you can deal with the situation quickly. Many systems even allow you to access the CCTV cameras through your smartphones or the internet so that you can see in real time what exactly is happening in your home whenever you check in.

We provide homes and businesses in Doncaster and the surrounding area with CCTV that suits their needs and budgets.

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Security Camera Systems, Doncaster

Security camera systems in Doncaster provide a very powerful form of privacy and security control; deterring potential thieves or providing commercial properties with a useful tool to help with potential cases of theft or vandalism.

Located in Doncaster, Flarepath have the experience and tools needed to quickly install, repair or upgrade an existing security system. We are also available to provide advice on what systems would suit your needs or what features might give you the flexibility you want.

Some of the latest advances in CCTV hardware allow you to catch perpetrators that otherwise thought themselves rather sneaky with, for instance, an easily concealed camera. Or even modern colour cameras with 360-degree vision that can keep a careful watch on a large section of your property or business.

Hardware is not the only part of the CCTV industry to have improved, the software and features that are now available can give anyone a great sense of comfort and ease; Instead of having to manually check through hours of footage, special software suites can trigger checkpoints on specific criteria such as doors opening or movement, allowing you to quickly run through particular events. You can also opt to have software that sends out email or SMS alerts or even provide remote access from your phone, letting you keep an eye on things even when you’re not present.

Whatever your CCTV system needs for your Doncaster properties, Flarepath can help.
For some quick, expert advice, just give us a call or e-mail and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Remote Monitoring now available

Remote Monitoring 24×7 now available for all contract customers, contact us