The new range of HD-SDI DVR’s include access from mobile phones and can be used as a standalone surveillance product or as part of a whole surveillance network, meaning you can either use them for small businesses or for use at home.

You can view multiple cameras instantly and adjust the order of the cameras to what you want to see at any given time.

When you want to record, there are multiple recording types including manual, normal, alarm, motion, motion or alarm, and motion and alarm recording. You can set up to 8 separate time periods to record each day of the week with these recording types. Once you have your recordings, you can back them up via USB and either save a video clip from the playback screen or back up the whole file from the video export function.

The different alarm types supported are alarms for video loss, motion detection, video tampering, video in/out format unmatched, illegal access, network disconnection, IP conflict, hard disk error and hard disk full. Different alarm handling methods include getting a pop-up alarm image on your monitor, audible warning, notifying the surveillance centre, trigger alarm output, sending an email and more.

You can control your new DVR with a mouse, IR control, keyboard or the client software that will be installed for free with your DVR. You will be able to access it rom the PC software or the specially designed mobile apps over a LAN or via the Internet.

This 4ch AlienHero HD and HD-SDI eyeball camera kit is the perfect choice on smaller installs
1080p Recording
Built-in Video Analytics
Built-in Help Docs
Autoport – Plug-And-Play
Free DNS
HD-SDI Inputs
3.6mm 2.1 Mega Pixel
30m IR Range
True Day Night
 iPhone, iPad & Android