Five Uses for your HD CCTV System

domeMost popularly, CCTV is used as a security measure, but it can be used for more than just monitoring your home or business from burglars. As many companies and homes are seeing the benefits of switching to HD CCTV, some of the other things that these systems help capture include :

  • Theft from Employees – not all theft occurs from outside sources, placing a security system facing your tills and around your shop will also keep tabs on your employees and deter theft from within your company.
  • Preventing Crime – often times the presence of security cameras is enough to deter thieves or vandals from striking.
  • Protecting Staff – recording incidents can help protect staff against false accusations that may come from clients, customers or even colleagues. Monitoring your workplace can also protect them against violence from customers as well.
  • Spotting Accidents – if someone falls over or slips and you catch it on the CCTV system, you can offer assistance straight away, and also have the situation documented for legal reasons.
  • Monitoring people inside a home – security cameras placed inside yours or a loved ones home, can help you ensure those people are safe. For example if you have an elderly relative living on their own, checking up on them via HD CCTV can ensure you catch anything that might be wrong and take action quickly

Here at Flarepath we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you have the security system that is right for your home or business needs in Doncaster and the surrounding areas.

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