Windows Server 2012 In Doncaster

The latest Server OS from Microsoft boasts a host of new features and changes to deliver an ever more versatile package than prior instalments, Flarepath have helped businesses across Doncaster to set up their servers and get their systems just right to maximise the use of all the latest features of windows 2012.

The latest edition has focused heavily on providing a lot of simplified control, scalability and even some cost-reducing options with their license structure and hyper-V feature.

Hyper-V allows you to create multiple virtualised servers on a single physical computer, this allows multiple servers to run on one machine and maximise the use of the hardware per system as well as support different OS’s on each system for a great deal of flexibility. With fewer physical systemsrequired, you can cut costs by reducing the amount of expensive hardware you need.

Another addition is the new file system labelled ReFS (Resilient File System) which has focused on providing scalability for diverse and large amounts of data, whilst also increasing the resistance to corruption from software or hardware failures.

Licensing for this edition has been made clearer to avoid the many headaches of figuring out what features you’ll get and how much it will cost, by boiling it down into 4 versions; Datacenter, Standard, Essentials and Foundation.

The Datacenter and Standard versions are licensed as Processor +CAL whilst the Essentials and Foundation are per-server based with account limits (25 for Essentials and 15 for Foundation) If you’re in need of experts in the Doncaster area to help you setup your server and make the most of Windows server 2012, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Flarepath.

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